A downloadable game for Windows

In this story-driven game, you will play as John Trueman, a UHRF scientific researcher, who intends to save his comatose daughter by literally going into her darkest dreams. To go through each dream, you need to solve some puzzles and fight your way through some dark entities created by the little girl's imagination.

WASD - Movement
E - Interact
I - Inventory
ESC - to exit in-game windows

Notice : Some objects require you to select the appropriate item in your inventory to interact with them.


Pre-Alpha demo (Win x64) 187 MB
Pre-Alpha demo (Win x86) 186 MB


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Not too bad, there is definite potential there!

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, I played this short and i guess kind of scary game. I can say that it is a solid game but it lacks of horror, So here is my gameplay video i hope you guys will enjoy it! 

Gave the demo a try, you can find my honest opinions throughout and at the end! If substantial amount of work is put in, I think it could be a great game.

Very good game, I'm glad to of found it. The puzzle aspect helps it to stand out, although it was a bit confusing at times. I'm following, and I hope to see more of this. Here's my playthrough, and great work!